AgTech: Global Agriculture Intelligence Service for Yield Analysis

GDA Corporation in collaboration with USDA provides agriculture intelligence service to facilitate service for farmers in order to increase credibility of agriculture yield analysis.

GDA President, Dr. Stephanie Hulina, stated “The contract continues and expands a successful long term relationship between the USDA and GDA. GDA is honored to be selected once again to continue our support for FAS operational efforts. GDA is uniquely positioned to supply remote sensing inputs to FAS’s convergence of evidence methodologies and to support the FAS mission to provide unbiased commodity estimates to create a marketing edge for U.S. producers in world markets.

We have been continually developing a science-based program in agricultural remote sensing and analysis over the last decade while further evolving our technology to be truly operational, web interactive and transparent to our clients.”

GDA will continue providing USDA FAS with a wide range of value-added data products based on satellite imagery. Further, under this new contract GDA will start delivery of its new, crop type specific NDVI time series for major crops and agricultural regions of the world. GDA crop type NDVIs are generated by monitoring only the fields under a given crop type and thus they uniquely represent real crop conditions. Current season crop type NDVIs are provided by GDA for a complete season where current NDVI values are combined with GDA NDVI forecast for the remainder of the season. Crop specific NDVIs offer superior data for crop assessments, including GDA crop progress and crop condition analysis. Crop specific NDVIs dramatically improve yield analysis.

Source : GDA Corporation