Ag Technologies

Ag Technologies: Agricultural Robotics Technology

In agriculture farmers or growers faces many environmental, economic and social challenges. These Ag challenges are such as climate variability, shortage of labour, increasing globalisation and international competitiveness, food security, invasive species, growing expectations on sustainability, land stewardship and urban pressure on farmland.

The increasing global population requiring Ag production to double in order to meet food demands. Now farms require new and innovative Agricultural Robotics technologies to address many challenges, so Agricultural Robotics is the Ag technology with promises it provide a better solution to our farming problems.

There are Agricultural Robotics techniques that increase robustness and reliability for overall improvement of complete autonomy in the farm. In that addressing the technology gap between the needs of the agriculture industry and existing robotic solutions and what the role of robotics.

New concepts in perception for changes in appearance and geometry of the environment, new learning and adaptive approaches to novel environments There are many approaches to low-cost sensing for day or night continuous operation. There is also a novel perception for Ag robots including passive and active methods.

In robotics there is an aerial and ground robotic platforms for soil/crop monitoring, prediction, and decision making. Also have the manipulators and platforms for Ag soil preparation, seeding, crop protection, and harvesting. There is also a need to know about deployment strategies and user interfaces for end-users. There is also need to set know about standardized benchmarks and long-term datasets in changing agricultural environments.

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