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Food Tech : International Food Processing Equipment

Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt Ltd partners with distinguished and innovative International food processing equipment manufacturers that enable access to the best solutions from across the globe.

1)Snacks: Potato Chips / Extruded snacks / Pellets
- Potato chips Manufacturing – Slicers, Peelers, Fryers, Complete lines.
- Extrusion snacks – Extruders, Blendors – vertical/ horizontal
- Flakes and Pellet manufacturing.
- Potato Starch Recovery Units and Fluidized Bed Dryers (FBD)
- Potato Unloading and Handling Systems

2)Sweets Automation Solutions
- Marzipan moulding machines (Almond / Cashew / Pedha)
- Making machines ( KATLI )
- Automatic Ladoo Making machines – High capacity round ball forming machines
- Three dimensional ( 3D ) shapes of various types
- Energy bars / Cereal Moulding equipment.

3)Ready to Eat / Ready to Cook / Frozen products
- Automatic Samosa making machines
- Automatic Paratha making machines
- Frozen foods and Packaged foods with retorts.

4)Chocolates and Confectionery
- Chocolate coaters and enrober
- Depositors and decorators
- Candy coaters

5)Ventillation and Cold Storage systems
Upgradation of Potato Cold stores with advanced ventilation systems

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