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Zest Labs Launches Professional Services to Help Growers

Zest Labs, an AgTech company modernizing the post-harvest fresh food supply chain, today announced the launch of its professional services offering. The company also announced that it has signed a $1.5M professional services agreement with one of the world’s largest retailers.

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Wireless sensor network for agricultural areas

The vision of having license-free community sensor networks for agricultural users, made a giant leap closer to reality. A team of collaborating companies connected a Vinduino agricultural sensor station to the eVineyard application via a long-range wireless data connection, managed by The Things Network.

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Wynca Sunshine Maize High Yield Solution System

After the release of Wynca Sunshine Maize High Yield Solution System, Maize farmers in Ghana have higher chances of increasing yield even in the light of unfriendly weather conditions due to climate change.

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ARS engineers developed new sensor system for peanut drying

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) engineers in Georgia have developed a network of sensors that will save thousands of dollars in drying costs for peanut growers and processors.

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Ag Tech: Bosch robot gets rid of weeds automatically.

Advances in plant breeding and technical innovations will continue to be necessary in order to feed the growing global population. This is where Bosch’s “Bonirob” agricultural robot can play a part.

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Ag Tech: New Facility Offered to The Farmers by Lawrencedale.

A vegetable collection centre was opened at Masakkal, 15 km from Kotagiri, on Wednesday under the Perimetro Vegetable Cluster Development Project. so that vegetable farmers like him need not travel to Ooty or Mettupalayam anymore.

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