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Finistere, AgTech Venture Capital Firm Launched Radicle Accelerator

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Finistere Ventures is an AgTech venture capital firm, Cloud Break Advisors and an alliance of top Ag industry leaders, it officially launched Radicle, an accelerator fund dedicated to growing early stage agricultural technology startups into proven industry leaders.

Radicle which is aims to reduce the time to develop, market and commercialize new Ag technologies; founding members include Bayer, DuPont and OurCrowd, a leading Israeli venture capital firm.

As a $15M fund with $6 million in initial closing commitments, during various industry panels at AgTech Week 2016, Radicle leaders will share their perspective on the future of AgTech and vision for the accelerator fund. AgTech Week 2016 is hosted by Global AgInvesting.

CEO of Cloud Break Advisors, Kirk Haney said, “Turning brilliant ideas into viable farming industry businesses requires an intricate combination of industry experience, academic resources, in-field validation opportunities and a diverse collection of agricultural partners and investment advisors.”

Radicle now offers a specialized platform with a focus on global Ag solutions. This specialized platform is to incubate high-quality AgTech companies that can solve global farming problems.

Radicle focuses on the areas where growers face the greatest challenges to productivity, sustainability and quality in food and agriculture.

The Radicle accelerator fund provides:
- Expert advisory services and strategic mentorship from a wide network of Ag experts and proven entrepreneurs

- Access to key leaders and corporate relationships across a range of Ag focus areas

- Connections with top academic institutions including Texas A&M, University of California, University of Missouri, University of Queensland, and the University of Wisconsin Madison

- Strong industry collaboration with Ag leaders such as Bayer and DuPont Pioneer

- A network of participating public and private research institutes including Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy, Australian Centre for Plant Functional - Genomics, BSES, CSIRO, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and Landcare Research

- Follow-on financing round options from the founding investors and their networks once companies ”graduate” from the accelerator

- A service platform with an intense focus on value creation initiatives and exit planning guidance from the start

Finistere has a long history of successful AgTech investments. Finistere continues to deepen its commitment to creating global Ag leaders that will help farmers overcome growing environmental, economic, resource and population demands.

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