AgTech: Fungicide and insecticide in Agrishield ST system

The AgriShield ST System is seed treatment solution combined with Fungicide + Insecticide. This is on-seed application that combines three active ingredients to protect against a broad spectrum damaging insects, as well as all major seed borne diseases.

Solution contain a systemic insecticide delivering long residual activity with the ability to increase yield even under low insect pressure. This seed treatment option offers protection from pests: Aphids, bean leaf beetle, grape colaspis, leafhopper, seed corn maggot, thrips, white grub, and wireworm.

AgTech News - Prevathon : Insecticide for Dry Bean Crops

Dry bean and dry shelled pea growers can now use Prevathon ® insect control to protect against a broad range of yield-robbing insects.

DuPont Prevathon insect control powered by Rynaxypyr has received United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for foliar use on dry bean crops, including dried shelled peas and beans. Growers can now take advantage of the proven insect control Prevathon® already provides for many other crops.

Prevathon was first registered in 2011 for use on cotton, corn, and pasture and hay crops, including alfalfa. Since then, in farm fields and research trials, Prevathon has demonstrated superior protection against a broad range of yield-robbing insects for other crops, gaining additional registrations for use on soybeans, sunflower, wheat, sorghum and peanuts. In dry beans, Prevathon provides control against lepidopteran worms, including fall armyworm, beet armyworm, corn earworm and European corn borer, as well as leafminer larvae.