AgTech: NipsIt SUITE offers Solution to Growing Seedling Disease and Pest Problem

Valent introduces Nipslt Suite for solution of all types of fungal seed diseases and aphids. It Acts as both a contact and super-systemic protectant, NipsIt SUITE Cereals provides "inside out" protection against diseases such as Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Fusarium. The additional NipsIt INSIDE Insecticide also controls wireworms, aphids and other insects better than any other product on the market by combining three powerful active ingredients in one formulation.

AgTech: UF Researchers Develop Effective, Inexpensive Citrus Greening Detector

While a commercially available cure for crop-killing citrus greening remains elusive, University of Florida researchers have developed a tool to help growers combat the insidious disease: an efficient, inexpensive and easy-to-use sensor that can quickly detect whether a tree has been infected.

That early warning could give growers enough lead time to destroy plagued trees and save the rest.