About AgTech News

AgTech news provides new product info of agriculture commodity. AgTech news updates you about upcoming investment, subsidy schemes and agriculture insurance schemes. AgTech news touches every small and large element in agriculture, such as Seed Technology, Farm energy (energy production from sources other than conventional energy sources), Fertilizer Technology, and Biotechnology etc. After plantation of seeds, harvesting is one of prime important factor. AgTech cover these point and keep farmer updated regarding harvesting technology, machinery used for harvesting, new investments in harvesting technology and benefits of using this technology. Crop storage or grain storage is one of major point in terms of farmer getting more benefits of market price fluctuation. AgTech news provides info of new grain storage technology, use of permitted chemicals and standards to be maintained in warehouses.

AgTech News emphasize on upcoming and new technology in global agriculture. We will keep you updated about new products, innovations and techniques such as RFID, telemetics, new IT inputs in agriculture, food safety technology, smart ag mechanization, pest control etc.

Agriculture sustainability and tractors / machinery used in agriculture are of major importance which are covered under AgTech News. Therefore AgTech is most important for smart farmers, agriculture companies ; agriculture professionals and agriculture students for keep us updated about current trends in Global agriculture.
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