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Moasis (, announced that Q1 sales of its innovative BountiGel product exceeded full-year 2014 results, as more growers turned to the product to help improve water efficiency as California's drought rages on.

Under a backdrop consisting of zero Federal water deliveries, snowpack levels at only 5% of normal, and the recent announcement by California's Governor Brown mandating consumer water reductions of 25%, mOasis hit new milestones in its rollout of BountiGel during the first quarter of 2015.

Growers in 10 agriculture-focused counties throughout California, as well as Arizona and Baja Mexico, have incorporated BountiGel into their operations, where the product has enabled irrigation reductions of up to 20% and yield increases of 10%. Additionally, the company announced that as of Q1, 11 major types of crops have been grown with soil treated by BountiGel, with over 20,000 acres of California agriculture expected to use BountiGel by year end.

Steve Hartmeier, CEO of mOasis, stated, "We're very pleased with the continued adoption rate of BountiGel and the recent milestones that the company has achieved in terms of geographic coverage and broad crop applicability. We're looking forward to seeing continued growth throughout 2015 and beyond, as more growers look to BountiGel to offset the impact of the limited water supply situation."

The company's Q1 achievements were kicked off in early January when the company was selected to participate in the SVG/Forbes Thrive Accelerator program during the first quarter, including mentorship from top industry sponsors, presentation of the company at the upcoming SVG/Forbes Reinventing America Ag Summit, and a chance to compete for potential funding.

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