AgTech: FieldView app for farmers by Precision Planting

FieldView is iPad-based and easily updated. New features and capabilities are consistently released and instantly available on your device — this product doesn't get the chance to become outdated.

FieldView is designed for broad compatibility and all of our products are purpose-built for integration. Once you're in, you're in.

FieldView shows you exactly what you're planting, how you're planting, as you're planting it, in high definition.

AgTech: Hornet Fixed Wing Drone by Agribotix

The Hornet Fixed-wing drone is easy to use: create a mission plan, assemble the Hornet in the field, and launch. The Hornet flies the mission and then returns to land at the launch site in full autopilot mode. That leaves the pilot and observer free to monitor the flight in the field and on the flight controller computer.

AgTech: Farm and Agriculture Management

Software delivers flexible mobile solutions to streamline farm and agriculture management :

- Capture remote activities in real-time

- Improve the accuracy of data collected in the field

- Reduce paperwork and administrative overhead

- Include workflow to support full business processes

- Incorporate pictures, GPS and signatures

- Make information available when and where needed

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