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M&M Introduces DiGiSENSE Technology in Tractors

Mahindra and Mahindra has introduced DiGiSENSE, a connected vehicle technology solution in its tractor brand Arjun Novo, aimed to enhance farm productivity.

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New Holland Unveils Methane Powered Tractor

New Holland will unveil a prototype T6.140 Methane Power tractor at Agritechnica event. This tractor represents a key step in achieving New Holland’s goal of Energy Independent Farming, and has entered service at the La Bellotta Farm, outside Turin, Italy.

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AgTech: New Holland Agriculture Introduces Boomer Cab Tractors

“Whether you load mulch, mow the lawn, move snow, or do farm chores, New Holland’s Boomer tractors have set the standard for efficiency, convenience, and ease of operation. Now, operators can work even more productively with the year-round comfort and protection of a cab,” says Todd DeBock, Pro Work Tools Market Segment Leader.

Boomer compact tractors are designed with New Holland’s signature sloped hood and without a muffler in the operator’s line of sight. The cab features ample window space for excellent forward visibility as well as to the rear drawbar and linkage. The view is enhanced with a lighting package that illuminates both front and sides for greater productivity and safety when operating in the early or late hours of the day.

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AgTech: John Deere Unveils New High-Horsepower 4-Track 9RX Series Tractors

After years of design, field trials and customer feedback, John Deere introduces it’s first-ever 4-track tractor, adding to its extensive line of high horsepower 9R Series wheeled and 9RT Series 2-track tractors. The four new 9RX Tractor models - which range from 470 to 620 engine horsepower - feature a large, robust undercarriage and track system engineered to provide superior power, durability, and improved ride quality, especially when handling large implements in the field.

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AgTech: Hydrogen Powered NH2 Tractor

New Holland's experimental hydrogen-powered NH2 tractor is a cutting edge of innovation.

The NH2 tractor is a 106-hp working prototype able to perform all the tasks of a T6000 tractor while operating almost silently and emitting only heat and water. The fuel cell generates less heat than an internal combustion engine; offers a consistent output of power; and does not produce polluting nitrogen oxides, soot particles or carbon dioxide. The clean operation of the tractor brings added health benefits when working in confined areas, such as barns or greenhouses.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles, such as the NH2 have been in development for several years, offering many benefits over battery-driven vehicles, which are efficient only in a stop-and-start cycle and take a long time to recharge.

Source : New Holland

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