AgTech: Feed Technology Launched by Dupont Pioneer

DuPont Pioneer announced the launch of Pioneer brand Nutrivail feed technology and Rapid React aerobic stability technology. These two brands represent a breakthrough in managing forages and advance Integrated Feed Solutions from Pioneer.

“Nutrivail feed technology is a revolutionary product line that will help improve nutrient availability for cattle,” said Kyle Whitaker, DuPont Pioneer senior marketing manager, forages. “And Rapid React aerobic stability technology provides stable feed in just seven days. Both will help producers maximize the value of their forages.”

Nutrebeef Cattle Feeds

The full line of Nutrebeef cattle feeds and minerals are expertly formulated to meet the unique nutritional requirements that match the animal's performance requirements, stage of development and phase of production.

Cargill offers products for cows, calves, heifers, steers and feeder heifers, and bulls. Along with the optimum nutrition provided by our products, we consider regional and seasonal variations in forage as well as the composition of backgrounding or feedlot ration ingredients. The result is consistently high performance in cattle.