Agtech : Research on micronutrient fertilisers can double crop yields

According to study the use of micronutrient fertilisers planting rice, potatoes, wheat, beans and maize can almost double their product.

This is according to a study conducted in 2014 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) in partnership with International Fertiliser Development Centre (IFDC).

Dr Charles Murekezi, the coordinator of the fertiliser programme at the ministry, said while there had been general use of NPK, DAP and IRE fertilisers, there has been little use of secondary micronutrient fertilisers but the fact that their use could increase output.

The study, was carried out in more than 200 sites. The technique involves removing certain nutrients in the soil to assess their impact on productivity.

Athanase Rusanganwa, a researcher from Rwanda Agriculture Board, said while the average Irish potatoes yield is presently estimated at 22 tonnes per hectare, it can increase to 40 tonnes with the use of the micronutrients.

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