• Unique Honey Bee Drone Developed by Syracuse Native

    Anna Haldewang turned a college project into an innovative device that spotlights the plight of the shrinking honey bee population.

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  • New Agricultural Drones on Crop Diseases by IISc

    The Indian Institute of Science’s (IISc) Department of Aerospace Engineering has developed drones that can help identify diseases in crops by hovering over the agriculture land.

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  • Application of Nitrogen in Potato Farming using Drones

    The ‘Toward precision agriculture 2.0’ research programme has included a group of potato farmers carrying out test runs with sensor observations by drones. The drone images show exactly where they should apply more or less nitrogen on their fields, allowing farmers to use the product more efficiently.

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  • Purdue Students Launch Agricultural Drones to capture images of entire crop fields.

    Aerial Agriculture LLC, a tech startup founded by undergraduate students in Purdue's College of Engineering, developed and piloted agricultural drones that can capture specialized images of entire crop fields.

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  • SenseFly Launches New eBee SQ fixed-wing Agricultural Drone.

    Swiss professional drone manufacturer, senseFly, launched new eBee SQ fixed-wing agricultural drone.
    This cutting-edge unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is built for the Parrot Sequoia multispectral camera and can cover up to 10 times more ground than small quadcopter drones.

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  • AgTech: Grants for UAV and Remote Sensing in Agriculture from Defra

    The grants cover up to 40% of the total costs of UAVs, or specialist sensors, which can capture data in order to detect disease and weeds, monitor crop green leaf areas or estimate crop yields.

    “The Countryside Productivity Grant offers a real boost to this developing industry,” said Steve Keyworth, URSULA Agriculture director. “More and more businesses are seeing the value of aerial crop data and how it can help maximize crop performance, however the sector needs this kind of investment to expand.”

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  • Agriculture or Farming Drone by dmzaerial

    The 2015 InspireAg Scouting Package is the newest UAV Scouting kit from DMZ Aerial. The InspireAg is a top-of-the line unit with a cost-effective price point. With a starting price of $5,000, the InspireAg Package delivers exceptional capabilities with rated flight times of up to 22 minutes, a 50 mph top speed, a 25 mph wind tolerance, a 4k camera, and an FPV range of up to 1.25 miles. The InspireAg Package utilizes the leading UAV platform for aerial imagery, the DJI Inspire. What make the InspireAg package unique in its Ag-focused contents and upgraded flight application and software.

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  • AgTech: Yamaha RMAX Introduces Drones for Agriculture Use

    Yamaha RMAX introduces agriculture UAV or drones for high technology agriculture or farming. It simplifies maintenance of large farm with minimum human work.

    Agricultural uses include spraying, seeding, remote sensing, precision agriculture, frost mitigation and variable rate dispersal. In Japan, RMAX helicopters are primarily used for seeding and spraying rice. Given the unique features of the RMAX, the opportunities in Australia and New Zealand are endless. Sky Division Australia is working with several agricultural industry bodies, grower's groups and government departments on new projects. It offers 2 types of spraying facility- granular sprayer & liquid sprayer for ease in operation and as per crop requirement.

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