AgTech: High Oleic Soybean Seed Variety by Monsanto

Ag Processing Inc (AGP) announced its participation in the 2016 pilot introduction of Monsanto’s Vistive Gold-high oleic soybeans. They are the first processor to offer Iowa growers the opportunity to increase soybean profit potential with Vistive Gold high oleic soybeans. The new soybeans were developed with input from leading food companies over the last decade and offer an improved nutritional profile with zero Trans fats and reduced saturated fats that the food industry and consumers are currently demanding.

AgTech: Develop and Commercialize Innovative Traits in Soybeans.

Dow AgroSciences, Arcadia Biosciences and Bioceres, announced an agreement to develop and commercialize innovative traits in soybeans.

Under the collaboration, the companies will develop new soybean traits using Dow AgroSciences Precision Technology platform to generate soybean trait. This will combine Verdeca’s agronomic performance and product quality traits with Dow AgroSciences’ herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant traits. The Precision Technology platform will facilitate the development of multiple traits with greater degrees of precision and speed-to-market. This collaboration is expected to result in products that provide soybean growers around the world with unique and powerful options to achieve greater yields and improved on-farm economics.

Dow AgroSciences has developed the EXZACT Precision Technology platform under an exclusive license and collaboration agreement in plants with Sangamo BioSciences, Inc.

“Soybean farmers are looking for productivity, and this collaboration holds great promise for the technology we can offer them,” said Tim Hassinger, president and CEO of Dow AgroSciences. “Our own expertise, combined with Arcadia’s leadership position in abiotic stress traits and Bioceres’ strong relationship with large soybean growers, presents a unique opportunity for greater yields.”

Source : Dow Agro Science
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