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New Fertilizer Technology to Zanzibar Rice Farmers

Using fertilizer continues to be one of the best ways to improve crop yields for smallholder farmers. Higher yields mean higher incomes for these farmers, who apply farming technology, like fertilizer, to improve their crops, earn more money, and provide more food for their families, many of whom are at risk of food insecurity.

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First DNA-based traceability systems for fertilizer

SafeTraces, Inc. Announced the delivery of the world's first DNA-based traceability systems for fertilizer to twenty manufacturers in an unnamed NATO member country.

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Biochar based Organic Soil Amendment Technology (BIOSAT) by Anulekh.

Application rates over a period of time: Most soil scientists recommend an application rate of 3-5 tons/hectare/year
Biochar can be applied annually to the soil during the soil preparation stage. It is observed that soil fertility increases over the years due to regular application of biochar.

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Nano Tech Nutrients by Nagarjuna Fertilisers & Prathista

Nagarjuna Fertilisers Ltd and Prathista Industries Ltd have joined hands for marketing the novel nano-technology based organic farm nutrients to farmers.

The two companies are likely to produce and present jointly their newly-developed products on August 10.

Extracted through the process of fermentation, Prathista has employed for the first time nano-technology for producing cost-effective diversified nutrient fertilisers derived from glucose and sugar.

The nano-technology component for the fertilisers has been provided by the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) through a licencing agreement with Prathista. ICAR has mentioned the technology as 'disruptive' in the production of organic fertilisers. The council had been working on the related nano technology research for the last five years by earmarking a budget of Rs 5 crore.

Chief promoter of Prathista KVSS Sairam said farmers would gain an average of 20 per cent additional yields coupled with an increase in micro organism levels in soil by using these nutrient fertilisers instead of traditional murate of potash (MOP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilisers.

Director of National Academy of Agricultural Research Management D Rama Rao said organic fertilisers were critical to farming sector as the soil health across major agricultural crop has reached alarming levels due to excessive use of chemical fertilisers.

Source : http://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/nagarjuna-fertilisers-prathista-tie-up-for-nano-tech-nutrients-114080801235_1.html
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