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First Wireless Project for Tomato Grower

06 February 2023 - SERCOM has supplied another wireless project in Mexico. This too in collaboration with our local dealer Negocios Fluidos. The project was delivered to a tomato grower in the north of Mexico. Ignacio Rodríguez Gracia (our Spanish project manager) supervised the project. We supplied a wireless system in the municipality of Viveros Hidroponía Casas Grandes. This is situated in the state of Chihuahua and is located almost 1,500 meters above sea level.

In addition to an SC800 process computer, five field stations have been delivered. These field stations are all located a few hundred meters from the SC800. By means of wireless communication in real time, all functionalities within the greenhouses are controlled as well as the irrigation units. Mexican market
Not so long ago we focused more intensively on the Mexican market. We have managed to win a number of important projects in a short time. The possibility to communicate wirelessly with our field stations on both sides over large distances, turns out to be a very popular option. We are the only supplier who can deliver this type of wireless project.

The parties involved are currently discussing the final details of a large and unique project. Unfortunately, we cannot say much about that yet. Hopefully we can tell you more about this soon. This project is also based on wireless communication.

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